Why surfing makes you happy

Why does surfing make us happy a.k.a. „the stoke is real“.

Surfing is addictive and as we have already reported in one of our last blog posts, the proximity to water alone is a miracle cure for depression and is preventive against many diseases. But what exactly makes surfing a happiness factor?

Fear, Happiness & Stoke – how surfing changes your life

Our everyday life can be quite tough sometimes. Many of you may know the mental escape from the treadmill. Dreaming oneself into adventure, more courage and into a reality, in which one dares to live more courageously and more intensively – into a life, which every day feels like saying „yes“. Yes to Life! Surfing offers you this life, even if it is only from time to time. The intense experiences you have in the waves are ideal to clear your head and create space for new ideas. Endless thinking does not get you any further and even less the scrolling through of the vastness of the internet and your instagram feed. You can’t live and grow from the adventures of others. But what can help are intensive emotional experiences, whether positive or negative. They are your chance to act as a catalyst to initiate change.

It’s those magical moments you only know when you’re surfing. Riding on a wave. You see the open, smooth wave wall in front of you. Your board glides over the surface. It is loud and silent at the same time. You fly, you feel one with your board and the water and this incredible energy.

And suddenly it rattles, darkness around you, the air stays out but then you make it to the surface, the breath that means life – adrenalin and pure lust for life flow through you. Now you are in flow, feel yourself and are full of energy. It is electrifying and absolutely addictive. There is no going back from here. You are stoked.

Okay, admitted. Surfing doesn’t feel the same for everyone. And it’s also a long, hard journey to the first actual wave surfed. Surfing is damn hard. It’s a frustrating battle. The reward, however, is indescribable – if you understand the ocean and learn to use its powers for yourself. If you no longer fight against it, allowing the loss of control and when the fear disappears – if you feel nothing but pure joy of life.

Surfing is joy

Fear and joy lie together this close very rarely. The rage when you simply don’t get to catch that wave even with the greatest effort. Surfing constantly forces you to overcome your limits a little bit. Be it the queasy feeling when you paddle out on a bigger day or the scare when you sit in a line-up and a this monster set rolls towards you.

But above all there is the indescribable feeling of gliding on a wave – this experience alone gives you new courage and self-confidence. This emotional roller coaster takes you on a ride every surfing session and lets you feel life to the fullest.

The golden analaogy? Great moments of happiness is often preceded by doubt and fear. If you overcome it, you will be greatly rewarded!

Surfing clears your head

Surfing is like a meditation – only that you don’t concentrate on your breath, but on the wave movement all by yourself. This brings you straight into the present moment and closer to yourself. The monkey in your head finally gives you some peace of mind and can be defeated for a few moments.

No matter how negative or misleading your thoughts may be – after a good surf session you have a smile on your lips and your head is free of noise.

Surfing connects you with nature

Our daily lives force us to spend most of our time indoors. We move from our apartment to work, from work to the supermarket, then maybe to a bar and then back home. Sports and fitness often take place indoors as well. The weekend only offers small compensation to spend more time in nature surrounded by fresh air. As a surfer you will live for the outdoor feeling. Time on the beach and in the water is worth its weight in gold. More and more you let yourself be driven by the rhythm of the tides. The physical connection, the immersion in water and waves connect you with the power of nature and learn to understand the ocean, to read waves. Pure happiness!

Surfing makes you dream

Surfing is a small way out of the Central European bourgeoisie. The call for freedom and adventure. A little more serenity. Most probably the reason why so many fall for this sport mercilessly. Reality Check: You work or study, you have all your friends and family in your city and surfing is your life in three weeks a year. Not everyone can just move to the sea or travel after the global swells and so you find yourself being a holiday surfer. Thus, the next ride on a wave becomes the stuff your dreams are made of – surfing invites you to dream and takes you away on a dreamy journey: in the class room, boring endless meetings or on the train.

Surfing heals the soul

Grief, heartache or worries. You name it. Life can rip us off faster than we want or think can neatly pull the floor under our feet.

Surfing is not a substitute for mental help & support among your close friends and family. But what surfing can do is to produce endorphins. Something that we lack in times of depression and makes our condition more bearable. Surfing doesn’t solve your problems. A wave, the energy of the ocean and a big serving of endorphins (legal and without physical side effects) will make you laugh, take on new courage and give you a little break of light to see clearly in times of darkness.

Surfing sends you into the sweetest sleep

Oh yeah! Counting sheep was yesterday! Anyone who is on a surf trip and falls into bed after a long surf day sees and feels nothing but rolling waves. This is not only pleasant, but also gives you the best sleep ever! How good is it to start the day relaxed and well rested?

Surfing makes you fit

I have never met anyone who starts surfing or is a surfer to lose weight or build strength. Well, surfing clearly is considered a sport. A very strenuous sport actually. Nevertheless, no surfer would talk about sport when he surfs. It is a passion. Different from your weekly Spinning Class, Fitness Studio, Dumbbells & Co. In the water you are busy with many things – but definitely not with your glutes, abs and biceps.

Your body starts to become fit by itself while surfing. Quite a pleasant side effect, so to speak.

Your full-body workout in the waves with the goal „Stoke“ instead of „beach figure“ is just as effective because you don’t have to force yourself to do it – a fit and healthy surf body makes you happy in any case.

Surfing opens up a new travel world for you

Travelling makes you happy. Surf travels make you happier. Take the best of both worlds – adventure, foreign languages, exploring new people and cultures and surfing the best waves. With the surf fire in your blood, you start to see the world map for your next holiday with different eyes. You start researching wave seasons, exploring monsoon and dry seasons and suddenly acquiring knowledge on global weather phenomena with pleasure and ease. Some would say that surfing restricts your travels. As surfers we say quite clearly – it takes you to the greatest places in the world.

Were we able to convince you? Then it’s time for you to finally book your surf camp and get on that surf board. Where to you may ask yourself? Well, the world is wide open. Good things though often lie so close – in Portugal the late summer shines with the best waves and hot beach days.

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