The universal remedy – take me to the sea, please!

Some of us feel it more, others less. No matter the intensity, everyone does feel it some way – the attraction and fascination of the ocean. Be it the vastness, the sound of the waves or the smell of the salty air. A visit to the sea works wonders and is good for mental and physical health and it’s scientifically approved.

This is not really fresh news for us surfers. When surfing you are one with one of the biggest, most powerful forces of nature ever. An energy that heals and immediately makes you happy. As a surfer you additionally spend a lot of time looking at the sea, watching its movement, reading the waves. The rhythm of your day is determined by the tides. When you tell others about this it sounds incredibly kitschy. And actually, that’s what it is – being away from the sea feels like a heartache and leads to great dissatisfaction.

Neurologists recommend spending as much time as possible on the beach or by water fronts – whether learning to surf on your surf holidays or on your short trip to the beach for sunbathing. City life stresses our body and soul enormously. Regular visits to the sea can help avoid stress-related health problems such as cardiovascular disease and depression. Beach and sea views offer the body even more restorative benefits than the gym. Older studies have shown that time spent in nature help calm and regenerate the soul, slow down the heart rate and improve mood and concentration – an all-round boost for general well-being and your own overall life satisfaction.

A natural way to happiness

A stay at the seaside has a stimulating effect on the brain. It stimulates the production of serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.

These messenger substances play an important role for our general well-being and happiness. Marine landscapes stimulate those areas of the brain that are responsible for positive attitudes, beautiful memories and emotional balance. Well, if it doesn’t scream for your next surf holiday?

Improving your ability to concentrate

The sea not only promotes our recreation and relaxation, but also our ability to concentrate. An experiment shows a group of students who are presented with different pictures: the test persons who looked at pictures of the ocean achieved a higher score in a subsequent test than those who looked at pictures of urban landscapes. We think this justifies your surfing trip before the next exams, don’t you think? After all, it’s scientifically proven. So, how about Portugal?!

Relaxation for the organism

Marine landscapes have a calming effect. This is confirmed by many studies – blue in all its shades calms and relaxes the human mind. Perhaps that is why blue is the world’s favourite colour. What is your favorite color?

Healing effect on the respiratory tract

Good health makes you happy. The old Romans already knew that. The sea is also helpful here. The iodine preserved in the water and in the sea air is a natural remedy for the respiratory tract. It also stimulates sluggish metabolism. The oceanic bio-climate with year-round high ultraviolet radiation and the constant, healing wind intensifies this effect.

Balanced in the rhythm of the waves

Waves give harmony to the human body. The constant sound in the recurring rhythm of the rolling waves has an extremely positive effect not only on the brain, but on the entire organism.

The „music of the waves“ succeeds in creating an optimal level of certain chemical substances – including dopamine and serotonin – that promote contentment and happiness. It’s definitely time to put these surf holidays on your playlist soon!

Vitamin D supply

Vitamin D is essential for our organism. It supports calcium absorption and healthy bones and is therefore important at every stage of life. However, only about 20% of the required vitamin D can be supplied through a balanced diet. Sufficient daylight and sunlight are therefore important – and where better to get this than by the sea?

We have already mentioned it above – for a surfer it is not only possible to look at the sea, but also to merge with it. Immerse yourself in it and connect with the rhythm and power of the waves. A feeling that only a surfer knows. Our bodies consist of more than 70% water – confirmation enough why a stay or immersion in this element causes such fascination and healing.

Learn to surf this summer in a surf course and experience for yourself what the sea will do for you. Or are you already a surfer and looking for a quick reason to take a holiday? Well, we would say – sorry, doctor’s order!