Travelling solo – 7 reasons to convince you why


Every one of us has been at this exact point before, maybe you are at the moment – the strong urge to travel, to learn something new or to discover the world. Just get out of here for a bit! Or simply the holiday is just around the corner. The catch: You are alone. Either you are single, your friends already have plans or do not share the same interest. Maybe your partner doesn’t fancy your long-awaited dream destination.

There are so many reasons and they always raise the question: should I travel alone?

Well. For some it’s not even worth thinking about, it’s crystal clear: yes, in any case! Others get anxious just from the thought: by no means! But why is that? In most cases it is fear and, if you belong to group 2, then you certainly know all the little excuses that arise in your head when it comes to the question of whether not you should just go and travel alone:

„I don’t know how it works, I can’t do it, I’m uncomfortable, but I want to share my experiences with someone, it’s not safe, I don’t know what I want“.

Certainly the spectrum of these thoughts is somewhat different between the inner desire to go on a world trip or to spend two weeks in Portugal on a surf holiday. In both scenarios, one needs to overcome them at the beginning in some way. We will show you how to get these under control with these 7 reasons:

Number 1 – Step out of your comfort zone

Everything exciting, new and better is on the opposite side of fear.

In your safe comfort zone, nothing really new happens except the things you already know. In our everyday lives we create this fluffy-soft environment of safety and comfort. Everyone. And to break out from it means for your environment to be different or that something is wrong. It conveys risk and danger. Outside of that zone, it can be uncomfortable and exhausting. But you will quickly see that this is complete nonsense and that you can grow here. Positive challenges await you here. You will see how many new options suddenly open up for you. Basically all other items on our list.

comfort zone_blog juni surfNumber 2 – No compromises

So the last city trip with museum visits was quite nice and informative. Secretly you would have rather gone surfing though. Well, never mind. It was still super nice to hang with your friend. Does that sound familiar to you? If yes, then that is a pity! To travel solo means to do only what you want to do and whenever you want to do it. You wanted to get up early and go hiking, but yesterday’s wine is still banging in your head. Keep sleeping – no one to commit to except yourself! Eat where you like, what you like and when you like.

Making your own experiences dependent on others is a waste of time. Travelling alone and not having to compromise is not selfish. It is the way to find and follow your inner compass.

Number 3 – You get to meet great people

As a matter of fact during a holiday with a friend or your partner you hardly get to know new people. On the one hand, because you don’t always want to. But above all, because you don’t have to. By travelling alone, you are open for new encounters. One is more easily addressed, invited or is also instructed to exchange and communicate. This way often deep friendships develop, because you suddenly find yourself with yesterdays strangers at a great party, sharing the stoke over amazing waves or in other adventures. These experiences will connect you forever.

neue Leute kennenlernen_blog juni surfNumber 4 – You are never alone when travelling

By myself I have traveled through the Arab world, Europe, Asia and North America. Meanwhile I was never ever really alone. Travelling solo or going on holiday by yourself is a situation that connects and you radiate that and attract it consequently. You always meet people on your trips or in your holiday resorts that will join you in some way – people who tell you about great places and destinations that you will want to see. Or of destinations that seem even more interesting to you because of the friendly acquaintance, so that you overturn your plans and travel along with them for a bit. All this happens naturally and you must and will learn to trust on it. The great thing about frequent travel companions – you’re both independent enough so that you can always follow your own compass and that’s perfectly okay.

Number 5 – Your self-confidence becomes stronger

Where you used to put your friend in front of you, you now have to go yourself – ask for directions, hotel or help in a foreign language, order food, pay and so on. That makes you nervous already? Here we are again at the comfort zone. What you don’t organize for yourself won’t happen either.

Surfen-LernenYou never thought you’d be on the board after a week of surfing lessons? A crazy feeling, right? But for that no one else was necessary except yourself and your surf instructor, you will smile and ask why it took 5 years to finally go surfing alone.

Number 6 – Get to know yourself better

All the points already mentioned will eventually lead you to learn a whole lot about yourself. keine kompromisse_blog juni surf Alone on vacation or while travelling you will often find yourself in completely new situations, which bring out sides in you that you were not aware of before. You can only profit from such personal growth and your loved ones around you anyway.

Number 7 – Look forward to home and appreciate your loved ones more

Only those who have been away really appreciate what they have at home – from their own bed to their loved ones. The warmth and security of your familiar surroundings cannot be replaced by anything – the rarely active perception of this special feeling is priceless!

As with most things, it is perfectly okay to approach new things slowly. Maybe start with a solo weekend trip. The best introduction to go solo is to join an unknown group, such as a surf camp. With this you can’t go wrong – you follow an interest and book your surf camp. You are on your way. Alone. Once arrived you’ll find other surfers on site and you get to know each other and still have enough space and time for yourself, but you are not completely on your own.

If you are in doubt, make yourself aware that you can always and always go back. To retrieve lost time is not possible. You can do it!