The challenge – a family surf trip

Just recently we highly praisedtraveling alone, encouraged you to screw everything and simply hit that road and travel alone. Today we dedicate ourselves to the exact opposite – traveling with your family. Surfing holidays with the kids – whether you are a single parent or a 5-person family – can be a hairy business both in planning and execution.

Where do cheap flights go, where is it not too expensive in the holiday season, is holiday time also wave season as well and generally – do the camps want to have children around at all?

Already during the research about surf camps in the well-known surf regions it becomes clear fast – beach, surfing, everything totally hip, the core target group is somewhere in their early 20s and partying is a must. If you can come with kids, you usually have to find out about an inquiry and that alone is answer enough. This is very annoying and can be frustrating, especially if spontaneity is rather a term from your childless past.

“Kids welcome“ or „not welcome“ has meanwhile become a solid selection criteria for surf camp guests. It’s also obvious, especially for those who don’t have one and/or want to simply rest during their holidays. The problem is that there are just very few child-friendly camps around – but here is one of them.

One of these few authentic camps is located in the beautiful Praia Da Areia Branca in Portugal. The camp operators of the Da Silva Surfcamp themselves are a happy, fun and exuberant family. The fact that children and families feel particularly at home here is a no-brainer.

What must a family friendly camp be able to offer?

Actually this is not so much. Above all it has to be communicated, so that all present guests don’t feel disturbed. The Da Silva Surfcamp for example promotes its „Kids welcome“ philosophy on all possible channels and exactly this point makes it so popular amongst all guests. Cordiality and warmth instead of posing and surfer attitude.

If this basis is given, the rest just comes smoothly. The kids are part of the surf group. So simple. Here you grow together through the common experience and time spent on the beach. Surfing connects – across all ages.

There should be enough space to discover, play and adventure in a safe environment. But also to be able to get out of each other’s way. Da Silva Surfcamp has mastered this balance excellently. In addition to all the options to play such as table tennis, table football, darts, pool and guitar, the camp is surrounded by wide fields and areas as well as many small places where you can get together or withdraw in peace.

Small families usually book the popular Tiny Houses a little bit further away from the camp centre. Here you have private space with your kids and your own room to be – for eating, sleeping, playing, reading or…crying and being stubborn (…oh, Kids!).

Tiny House in Portugal
Tiny Surf House in Portugal

Of course, on-site childcare is another plus. Because you want to get to surf as well. If the kids are still very young, then it is ideal if the camp organizes a sitter for you. At Da Silva Surfcampyou can do that and concentrate on your surf sessions. Or make a nice evening for two. After all, it’s a holiday.

Families with children save money

Holiday budget aka the neck breaker. Sometimes the family cash can get scarce. We all know that. But holidays should not have to be cancelled anyway. Even if the budget is not so tight at all, holidays with the family still make a big difference – especially if the children in the plane already have to pay in full. And you also want to have fun. Package prices are ideal here. One week accommodation, surf course for everyone, breakfast and 2 dinners are included in the Da Silva Surfcamp Surf Package and the best – for babies up to two years nothing is charged at all, baby beds are available free of charge and for children up to 12 years who sleep with their parents in the room on an extra bed, only half is charged. Kids from 6 years can take part in the surf course. As an extra surf instructor is employed, there is no discount here. Parents and children are still together in a course and parents with small children can share a surf course, so that always one of both can take care of the child. Alternatively the above mentioned childcare comes into play.

Activities outside the camp

If the little ones don’t feel like surfing, the weather is not good or the ocean is stormy, the mood can quickly change. Then distraction is the quick order of the day. And there are lots of them outside the camp and away from the beach – a visit to Lisbon or a trip to the new Dino Park in Lourinha, the popular Buddha Park or even better – the Water Park in Peniche or the go-kart track very close to the camp. Boredom does not arise here.

So, what is the key now?

Cordiality and openness are the main reasons to create a place for you as a family where you all feel at home and can spend a great surf holiday. If this mixture is combined with a service tailored to children, activities and an extra price offer, then what are you waiting for?

Da Silva Surfcamp is looking forward to your booking.