Da Silva Surfcamp – a magical first time

Daniel and Anas Surfcamp is a real gem that we quickly fell in love with. It is a lovable, familiar and authentic meeting place for people of all ages from all over the world.

You quickly feel at home as well as the serenity you experience let you relax and settle into your holiday immediately.

Welcome it says here first and then quickly you will laugh a lot and loudly, discuss, celebrate, play, BBQ, hang out, cycle, surf and sometimes suffer together (from day 3 on of the surf course).

The location is not only idyllically situated, there is also a lot to discover on the nested property. The rooms are full of loving details with colorful walls that make your heart beat faster. The creatively designed DIY constructions (bar) etc. always let you discover something new and leave you amazed. This is not only visually inspiring, but invites you to feel good as well.

Breakfast: 7 a.m., surfing: 8 a.m. it says on the chart in the kitchen. A little before 7 am you can hear cozy clattering downstairs in the kitchen. As soon as you enter cheerful Paul welcomes you with his infectious „Morning!“, invigorating music and the breakfast buffet. The day can begin, thanks to Paul Happy Heart. Everyone grabs their coffee mug, breakfast and sits down in the first rays of sunshine to wake up.

Half an hour later the surf instructors (Rick, Mareike, Zé) arrive with the vans, load the surfboards, the wetsuits and give each participant their time needed to get ready. The bus waits patiently even for the last one to arrive – without any rush at all. What a blessing! After that our daily routine hits: with Portuguese racing style, the van group takes us up to the beach. First wave check, then changing, warming up, take-off dry practice and off into the water…then „paddle paddle paddle“…

We are a large group of 18 people, a funny company of very different characters.
What we don’t know yet: we will run against wind and waves together, learn humility, break our toes together and chafe our feet. We will freeze, moan, marvel and laugh together, be happy about small successes and comfort each other in case of failures. We will learn to take it as it comes (white or green) and make the best of it. During the course we will stand on the board more often and if we were lucky we will get to ride one really uplifting wave. We will move together for the 5 days and have a really good time.

Our incredibly patient and calm surf instructors will challenge and guide us, lovingly assist us, accompany us and take care of our youngest (10 years).

Then suddenly day 5 has arrived: the waves and the wind are very well-disposed towards us, some of us are allowed into deeper waters. There is a great wave for everyone. The last surf day will be a happy one for everyone. Physically maltreated but emotionally reconciled, it means to sadly say goodbye wistfully on day 6.

Everyone agrees – it was an unforgettable experience and Da Silva Surfcamp will surely have us again.

Most of the guest go home. But we are allowed to stay another week and enjoy life a little bit more according to the motto „Hang loose“. Lucky us!

Natascha & Stjepan,
with Ronja, Lola and Janko