7 Reasons why – Learn surfing in a Surf Camp

If you have decided to learn how to surf but you don’t want to have a go at the waves on your own and you always like to meet new travel friends, then a surf camp is the best place for you.

Surfing has been very popular for a few years now – no wonder since this water sport not only exudes a damn cool lifestyle. All of this also takes place in some of the most beautiful spots in the world. This way your active holiday can be perfectly combined with relaxation on beautiful sandy beaches in great surroundings. Here are 7 of our ultimate reasons why you should take spend your next vacation to a surf camp:

Reason 1: Waves, waves & waves

In the surf camp everything revolves around the wet element surf dreams are made. If you love the salt on your skin and the breeze in your hair, if you are a little mermaid, a soul surfer if or want to become one, and if water is your element, now is the time to get on the board and learn how to surf – the perfect place to start is simply a surf camp.

Here you will spend a lot of time in and by the water, you have the possibility to do several sessions a day and you will learn everything about water, waves and surfing.

Reason 2: You have a big variety of boards.

Surf camps are always equipped well with a wide range of surfboards – the heaven on earth for all surfers and those who want to become one.

You don’t have to keep renting, you can simply decide free, experiment and try out different boards. A plus for all advanced surfers who want to find a new board. Ideal for beginners, so you can try different boards without stress and find out what you can do best. Most surf camps have their own huge board garage or a surf school that provides a huge selection of boards for you. The best – included in the price!

Reason 3: Everyone can benefit from surf lessons

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out in a surf course for beginners or if you already have surfing experience and skills and are doing an advanced course/surf guiding. Surfing is hard to learn, very complex and requires a lot of input and practice. Improving yourself according to your level requires a teacher or coach on quite a regular basis.

Especially when you’re at a new spot, you have to find your way around before it really starts. But if you are in the surf camp you can start your adventure right away, because surf lessons or surf guiding are provided and the transport to the surf beaches and surf spots is included.

The groups are divided according to the different levels, so that everyone gets the waves they want and can make great progress in a short time. At the same time you will be taken to the most beautiful beaches and you will discover some secret bays.

Reason 4: You meet like-minded people

People you meet in the surf quickly become good friends. After all, you got to know each other through a shared passion. When you go on holiday, it’s not just about the great places you’ve visited, but above all about the people you’ve met. When surfing in a surf camp you can assume that you are surrounded by like-minded people who all want the same thing: to be in the water and have a good time.

In the end you will not only share waves, but also common memories. Travel friendships for life and relationships have already developed from here. No matter if you are travelling alone or with friends, you will definitely find a connection here.

Reason 6: You save money

This of course always depends on what your requirements are and what your budget is. There is always room upwards – even for surf camps there are now glamour and luxury alternatives. Especially when it comes to tropical destinations like the Maldives or the Mentawis. That aside! Even if you not suspect – surf camps are not so expensive and a stay usually fits into a tight travel budget. Mostly there are multi-bed rooms as an option for small money or package prices, with which the majority is inclusive. So, apart from the costs for the camp, you hardly have any other holiday expenses. And you don’t have to go to Asia or South America to surf. Flights to surf camps in Europe are much cheaper. For example, 1 week surf camp in Portugal at Da Silva Surf Camp is already available for 340 EUR – in a shared room, with breakfast, 2 BBQs and surf lessons as well as equipment. You want to book? Then let’s go!

Reason 6: Just like at Mum’s

Just don’t worry about anything. That sounds like a package tour or just like your well-deserved holiday. And you don’t have to go to an all-inclusive hotel. Even on your hotly longed-for active holiday, you can put your legs up safely if you book into a surf camp to learn how to surf. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about anything, because everything is taken care of.

There will be food, you will be brought/driven everywhere, you will be told what the surf forecast says, the best spot will be chosen, you will get boards, wax, there will be entertainment, drinks, you can often do yoga and book masses and take part in many other organized activities.

Reason 7: unforgettable moments guaranteed at first hand

Surf camp owners have many years of experience with what they do, they are passionate surfers themselves, often locals and know the area with all the spots and activities in the area inside out. They love their place and the culture around it and want to give you this special feeling, this love.

You will profit from this and come to places you might never have discovered otherwise and experience unforgettable moments that you will never forget again.

Daniel from Da Silva Surf camp, for example, conveys the „Portuguese Spirit of Surfing“, as he calls it, to his guests like no other. Getting to know Portugal with all its facets and tastes is part of the agenda in this surf camp. The locals come and go, join the guests, sing Fado, laugh together, drink wine and taste the best local cuisine. At sunrise they go surf empty spots and at sunset you can dream out to sea with a cool beer in our hands in a popular local bar. Best holiday ever and surfing learned: CHECK!